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1Layer Flex PCB
1L Flex PCB_0.08mm
1L Flex PCB_0.1mm
1L Flex PCB_0.13mm
2Layer Flex PCB
2L Flex PCB_0.1mm
2L Flex PCB_0.15mm
2L Flex PCB_0.23mm
2L Flex PCB_0.25mm
2L Flex PCB_0.35mm
Multi-Layer Flex PCB
4L Flex PCB_0.3mm
3L Flex PCB_0.2mm
4L Flex PCB_0.2mm
6L Flex PCB_1.2mm
Rigid-Flex PCB
4L Rigid-flex PCB
2L Rigid-flex PCB
6L Rigid-flex PCB
Flex PCB Assembly
1L Flex PCB Assembly
2L Flex PCB Assembly
4L Flex PCB Assembly
Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly
2Layer_Rigid-Flex PCB and Assembly
4Layer_Rigid-Flex PCB and Assembly
6Layer_Rigid-Flex PCB and Assembly
FR4_PCB and Assembly
FR4_2Layer PCB and Assembly
FR4_4Layer PCB and Assembly
FR4_6Layer PCB and Assembly
FR4_8Layer HDI PCB and Assembly
FR4_12Layer HDI PCB and Assembly


The above picture is a 2Layer Flex PCB, the flex PCB spec is: 2layer, PI (18/12.5, adhesiveless), 0.1mm thickness, Base 0.5oz ED Copper, Both Sides Yellow Solder Mask, No Silkscreen, ENIG Finish.  The stack-up can be found below:


Stack-upThickness (um)
Top Solder Mask10-20um
Bottom Solder Mask10-20um
Total Thickness (um)100um +/-30um


Normally we can finish 1L & 2L Flex PCB in 5-7days, and quickest 1-2days based on the design, the production time need about 8-10days. The lead time details can be found in below form for your reference:


Lead Time for Flex PCB

Layer Standard FPC Specification

Quickest Protype

 Standard Prototype

Production Time


1Layer, PI, 0.05mm-0.2mm thickness, 6um-100um base copper, Yellow Coverlay, White silkscreen, ENIG

1-2 Days5-7 Days8-10 Days


2Layer, PI, 0.08mm-0.3mm thickness, 6um-100um base copper, Yellow Coverlay, White silkscreen, ENIG

1-2 Days5-7 Days8-10 Days


4Layer, PI, 0.2mm-0.4mm thickness, 6um-100um base copper, Yellow Coverlay, White silkscreen, ENIG

3-4 Days8-10 Days10-12 Days


Based on the customers requirements.

6-8 Days12-14 Days14-18 Days


FPC has single sided FPC, double sided FPC, multi-layer FPC and Rigid-flex PCB. The main substrate is polymide FCCL and it has high heat resistance and stable size. Following are the common layer FCCL structure and stack up for Flex PCB for your reference. The FPC final thickness could be adjusted flexibly with different thicknesses of PI, adhesive, copper, etc. 


FCCL Material Thickness
Coverlay/Solder Mask 2Layer FCCL
 PI (12.5/25/50/100um, etc.) Copper (6/9/12/18/35/70/100um, etc.)
 AD (15/25/35/50um, etc.) AD (0/12.5/20/25um, etc.)
  PI (12.5/25/50/100um, etc.)
1Layer FCCL AD (0/12.5/20/25um, etc.)
 Copper (6/9/12/18/35/70/100um, etc.) Copper (6/9/12/18/35/70/100um, etc.)
 AD (0/12.5/20/25um, etc.) 
 PI (12.5/25/50/100um, etc.)


Flex PCB Stack-up Structure


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